3 Stages of the First Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby Dating Problem!

For sugar daddy finders and sugar daddies alike, let's face it, a first date with sugar daddies or sugar babies can be nerve-wringing. You've discovered that a potential SD/SB has come to your attention online, and you want to strengthen your relationship when you first meet them. To help your first sugar date go as smoothly as possible, we've compiled a list of the biggest problems to help sugar daddies and sugar babies get over their nerves and let attraction take over.

Research shows that a successful first sugar date comes from a true connection between sugar daddies and sugar babies, who express honest and clear opinions to each other. To build that connection, it's essential to talk about what you're talking about on your first sugar date. Here are some of the biggest questions about a first date. We've divided them into two categories: one to build your date's character base, and one to find anecdotes about each other.

Stage 1: first contact -- build the personality foundation

1. Where do you like to live the most?
The way to get to know someone is to find out what their interests are, and asking where they'd like to live reveals a lot about who they are. While many people find frequent travelers attractive (in fact, in a recent survey of attractive hobbies by members of the SugarDaddyMeet, travel was the most popular quality among members of the opposite sex), there are those who prefer a comfortable home life and are looking for such people. Using this question to determine what your date is interested in will show that you are compatible and will undoubtedly reveal one or two interesting stories.

2. What do you like most about your job?
The topic of conversation on a first date should be something light and basic. Of course, one of the classic questions of a first date is to figure out what you both do for a living. Typical opening lines for dating rituals; Building a dating career is inevitable. Why not ask them exactly what it is that makes them love what they do to make the conversation more interesting? As a result, you'll receive a more personal and thoughtful response, which may spark a more natural and stimulating conversation than the monotonous recitation of their daily lives. In particular, sugar daddies say that being asked about their careers gives them a lot of satisfaction.

3. Ask personal questions
SugarDaddyMeet psychologist explains, "My trick is to pick something unusual or interesting from your date's profile. Start by asking! First, your date will be happy that you've memorized a tiny personal detail about them, and second, it's a great way to start a conversation and show that you're really interested in them as a person. "It's the perfect icebreaker. If you find something original in your date's profile, start the conversation there.

Stage 2: finish your first drink

1. Do you like outdoor activities?
It's a good question to ask your sugar daddy or sugar baby on a first date if he or she enjoys the outdoors, a question designed to subtly examine whether their lifestyle is compatible with yours. Only when you are both interested will quality time be spent hiking or on adventures. So before your partner wants to start a sunrise hike and you want to laze on the couch, it's a good idea to spread out the area early.

2. What do you like to do when you are not working?
This is a classic first date question, but it's important to make sure you and your date are really compatible. The main reason is that if the two of you end up getting along, and you spend most of your non-work time together, then you need to have activities that you both enjoy doing together. This question quickly establishes your date's priorities -- do they have time to spend with their pets? Do they spend most of their free time with friends or family? What are their regular hobbies? Ask!!!!

3. Do you have a sense of humor?
"[Laughter] is a hidden language that we all speak." Laughter connects us through humor and play. This view is confirmed by a survey conducted by many members of the sugar dating site. In the survey, 67 percent of the sugar babies named laughter as the most important factor in a successful first date. Similarly, 40 percent of sugar daddies had the same expectations. Clearly, people seek a partner's laughter. Find something that makes them laugh on the first date so you can get a sense of their personality and how they work. It will also put you in a better mood and take the pressure off a first date.

Stage 3: make sure you get a second date

1. Do you love dogs or cats?
If you're a pet person, ask your sugar daddy or sugar baby on your first sugar date if he likes cats or dogs, an early sign of compatibility. People form strong bonds with their pets and it can be challenging to bond with their new companions. Avoid any doubts by determining in advance whether you are dating someone who will let the cat sleep at the end of the bed or who has an intolerable allergic reaction. If you're both animal lovers and have pets, this might be a good second date tip.

2. Do you have any interesting plans for the weekend?
This is a good question because it not only identifies what your date usually does on the weekend, but it's also a good opportunity for them to invite you to do something or make a plan with you. Some people will quickly introduce their date to a friend, and some kind of activity can relieve the pressure of a second date. Or, they might suggest a meal or drink, which is also good. Either way, this question is a surefire way to secure a second date.

3. What do you like to eat?
Nowadays, when it comes to relationships, food can be a disruptive factor. While more people are opting for a healthy, gluten-free, vegan lifestyle, others are maintaining an undying love of cooked steak and red wine. For some, that's not a problem, but for others, the disagreement over food could be an immediate wake-up call. So before the restaurant you choose for your next date turns into the disastrous anecdote you tell your friends at the bar, it's best to make sure of that early.

All in all, it's useful to prepare for a first date in order to boost your confidence, but it's also important to trust your instincts and let the conversation flow naturally. Create an environment where you really know each other, so you don't get bogged down talking about things on your first sugar date. Your potential SD/SB is waiting for you on some sugar daddy-sugar baby dating sites. Come on!

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