4 Signs You're Not Communicating Well With Your Sugar Daddy!

If you're a relationship person in your life, you certainly know how to communicate well with your sugar daddy. But even in a seemingly perfect sugar relationship, there are sometimes hidden signs that you're not communicating well with each other. In addition, if you are a person who does not know how to communicate at all, this will cause more problems. As we all know, most people learn their behaviors from their parents. From a very young age, we unconsciously observe and imitate the actions of others. Similarly, patterns of communication built into other areas of life -- whether at school, watching movies, etc. -- are absorbed. Unfortunately, many adults don't have good communication skills, so negative patterns are learned and carried over into adult relationships.

Today we take a look at 4 signs that you and your sugar dad aren't communicating well when you start a mutual beneficial relationship with a sugar daddy, just because a relationship isn't a total disaster doesn't mean it can't improve.

Here are some signs that you and your sugar daddy may fall into a bad communication trap:

1. They do not remember the details of your life.
If you and your sugar daddy have been together for a while, he should probably understand the details of your life, even if they do not fully understand the meaning of life. For example: He should know whether you have brothers or sisters and what is the name of your best friend. These are topics that naturally appear in daily conversations. If they are still a little hazy, it means that there is a problem with the communication between you.

Sometimes we all have slips and brain fog, but if these things continue to happen, please be aware that your sugar daddy may make you uncomfortable. If your partner has difficulty remembering important dates or facts, they may be overly ego, highly distracted, or not really engaged in your relationship. However, it is important to observe your partner’s behavior objectively over time to understand which mode or combination of modes is working. Find out why and how to communicate more effectively, because this will definitely lead to a battle.

2. Your diary has received a lot of processing recently.
Don't get me wrong, writing a diary is of course a great thing. But using diaries is a common theme-when you first start, you usually record every life event in detail. then? As you and your sugar daddy gradually become more formal, the entries in the diary will gradually decrease. If your behavior is the opposite, and you find yourself writing lengthy chapters every night, it may be because you cannot express your true feelings to your sugar daddy without interruption. Soon, you may tell everything in the diary, but almost nothing about your other important content. This is not super healthy. In fact, when people believe that honest communication will produce negative results, this relationship occurs in interpersonal relationships. Based on the individual’s childhood experience and interpersonal relationship experience, this fear may be a valid fear. It is important to be aware of these fears in order to build greater self-awareness and growth. Therefore, you don’t have to admit that fear hinders good communication. You can simply admit your fear and still persevere in communicating your truth.

3. You know your sugar daddy will explode on certain topics.
If you know that your sugar daddy is more sensitive in certain things, for example, you know that if you ask him how his job makes him unhappy, then it is best not to ask, right? Well, yes, no. You know this is a painful topic, so you don't want to poke it. But at the same time, this is an important topic, and your sugar dad needs to be open.

When people isolate a large part of themselves from the outside world, this can lead to resentment. That, or you might wonder what they are hiding. Either way, someone who deliberately talks about a particular subject is abusive. The anger strategy is usually a learned defense mechanism that can make the bomber feel safe. However, when the companion was left alone, the bomber was "locked" in the anger of the prison. If left unresolved, explosive people will become more explosive over time, and partners often feel avant-garde, frustrated, anxious, and helpless. In the long run, this may lead to more unhealthy behavior patterns, so it is best to kill them in the bud before the situation worsens.

4. The proportion of your text messages is out of balance.
Texting is a way we use to connect. Although each of us has our own texting style, since text is usually the source of communication errors (yes, even with emojis), some checks are needed. Do you keep sending text messages to your sugar daddy, but only get "agreement"? Do you ask him to check in with you via text message when he arrives at the destination, but do you know he will forget it completely? Then, your SMS style is not compatible, which may cause a lot of unnecessary harm.

So what can you do? My suggestion is to reduce the frequency of texting to your sugar daddy. Text messages usually have no emotional background and can be easily misunderstood. I suggest you avoid short texting unless you are staying for a short time. This is very good, it can quickly remind you of your appointment, a short "I'm late" message and the conjunction "I love you" to sign in. Other communication methods (especially sensitive communication methods) are best done in person, or as a backup, over the phone.

However, if this really bothers you, be sure to express your opinion witty. Tell your sugar dad in time that it hurts when they don’t respond immediately because they may not know how you feel. Then, listen to their voices and find out what caused you to be ignored. This may be unintentional. Keep in mind that not everyone is always paying attention to mobile phones.

Finally, if you find that your sugar relationship is beginning to fall into an awkward situation (because you haven't really stared into your sugar daddy's eyes for a long time), there is still a lot of room for improvement in the way the two people communicate. If you start to face these problems squarely again, then you will truly solve them. Finding a sugar relationship on a sugar daddy dating site is easy, but maintaining a sugar relationship requires a lot of effort, so come on!

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