5 Bad Sugar Daddies and How to Deal With Online Abuse!

When you date potential sugar daddies on some sugar dating sites, have you ever been subjected to a terrible insult? Or have you ever had a bad sugar daddy? There are many, many reasons why sugar babies receive online insults, but none fully explains why sugar babies receive so many online insults every day.

To make matters worse, this often hits vulnerable sugar babies and destroys their confidence, even if it shouldn't be there. However, we want to tell you that the last thing you need, especially when you're starting out, is to allow yourself to be infected by a negative mindset. That's sure to ruin your sugar game!

So how can you avoid these nasty bad sugar daddies? Or how to protect yourself from them. The most important first step is to understand the types of bad sugar daddies and how to identify them. Then you can quickly remove them from your life so you can pursue a good daddy!

Disappointing daddy
This is the case with most sugar babies. When you meet a sugar daddy like this you may decide you don't like him anymore. At this point, the sugar daddies aren't going to be affected much. At best, they'll be a little disappointed and leave you alone, now that you've said you don't like it. These sugar daddies know they have more and better options without you. However, the other part of the sugar daddy will take your dislike as a personal attack and go on to insult and verbally attack you.

What to do with this bad sugar daddy
Remember, no matter what he says to you about this type of sugar daddy, don't take it personally and treat him with courtesy and brevity. Don't let his nonsense cloud your mood. In a word, no matter what kind of personal attacks you have experienced on the Internet, you should not allow yourself to be affected by negative emotions. Insulting words will only hurt you if you think they hurt you. The key is your attitude towards them. Repeat the short, sweet mantra: "fuck you, I'm awesome."

Ignore the bad sugar daddies and say goodbye to them forever. It's impossible to stop these bad sugar daddies because they'll eventually get bored and leave you alone, but if you can't get rid of them, get rid of them. That's the beauty of the Internet. You can easily block out distractions from your life and thoughts.

Women hater
This type of sugar daddy has an unkind attitude towards women, they tend to be arrogant, pretentious, conceited, think men are god. For this reason, they tend to choose sugar babies who are humble and friendly, just because they are easy to bully and have fun with.

What to do with this bad sugar daddy
Against this type of sugar daddy, it can be very funny if you try to fight back with insults. But it also risks angering them. So if you don't want more insults from the bad sugar daddy, don't risk it. Another option is to ignore him. While this may lead to some minor abuse for ignoring him, it makes them feel bored more quickly and find other sugar babies to disturb.

Sticky bad sugar daddy
Sugar babies have probably met the craziest sugar daddies who can be clingy, and often wish you were there for them 24 hours a day. Not surprisingly, the most common "bad daddy" is the kind of person who is clingy, insecure and annoying. For example, if you don't respond to a message within 10 minutes of receiving it, the person will immediately go nuts, hurling verbal insults at you because their emotions are out of control.

What to do with this bad sugar daddy
This bad sugar daddy, I suggest you just cross them out. A clingy sugar daddy can really take your breath away. This is typical of a controlling, possessive daddy. These sugar daddies think you should follow their lead and be ready for them.

If you can't bear to say goodbye to your sugar daddy right away and want to try it out, you can reply with something like, "sorry, I was in the shower and didn't hear you on the phone." This may cause them to change their minds and stammer apologies for being a jerk.

Frankish sad daddy
This kind of bad sugar daddy is to insult a woman for fun. They are likely to attack you when they first contact you. I hope that you will obey them all the time. Although we don't know why a sugar syrup you have never met, likes to insult you. In short, this is a person who must be avoided anyway.

What to do with this bad sugar daddy
For this sugar daddy, you can politely tell him directly that you don't like his way of speaking, so you don't want to continue with him. If he still continues the high attitude, then take your courage to reply to him, you have the right to stand up for yourself. Although this may cause more insults, you will at least never hear more insults from the bastard.

Hidden bad sugar daddy
This type of bad sugar daddy is the least easy to find because they usually don't seem to have anything wrong. They will be friendly to you most of the time, except occasionally saying something nasty. But because of this, many sugar babies will choose to let themselves stick to it. Of course, if one day the sugar babies can't continue to endure, they will wake up. This is a bad sugar daddy.

What to do with this bad sugar daddy
For this type of bad sugar daddy, if he does something that you can't bear anymore, then dare to challenge him. Or don't talk to him anymore. Sometimes he may be aware of his problems and correct them for you. But in most cases this is impossible, unless he becomes a sugar daddy.

As a sugar baby, you should understand that the sugar dating world is like any other social scene: there are good, there will be bad existence. The point is to learn to identify these bad ones and handle them well. Happy to meet your sugar daddy, girls!

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