5 Weird Things To Get A Sugar Daddy Hooked On You!

As the sugar baby dating coach at sugar daters website, I'm (not surprisingly) always asked how to get a sugar daddy excited. The sugar babies I meet always ask me for advice on how to attract a sugar daddy in the first place and how to get him hooked. While there are some quick ways to get him interested in you right away, I'd say it's a long game and will require more time and effort. Here are 5 amazing things that will help you learn how to get a sugar daddy hooked in a short time.

1. Put the fear of god into his heart
Surprisingly, fear is one factor you need to know how to turn sugar daddies on. In one study, a group of people were placed on a safe bridge. The second group was placed on a 230-foot suspension bridge that may have swayed. No wonder they panicked. Later, a beautiful woman interviewed the men. Those who were scared on the bridge were more likely to attract women than those who weren't scared, and their answers were more raunchy.

I don't know what role sexual attraction plays in evolutionary psychology, or why we do it. But it must make sense. So, do something horrible on your next date. Like watching scary movies together; Or go skydiving; Or go bungee jumping. If he's afraid of insects, maybe you can put one on his shoulder. Let his heart beat with fear, and then in other ways.

2. Selfless dedication
As a woman, selflessness appeals to men. The more selfless you are, the more likely you are to have a lot of sex, a study suggests. It may have evolved by sexual selection. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

I find it very attractive when a woman steps out of herself and does something for someone else that she doesn't necessarily care about herself. Being the type of person who doesn't ask for anything in return can definitely turn a man on. So be a helpful person. Helping others is not only a good thing, but also means you will have a good life and lots of sex. Altruism is hot. Frankly speaking, this is a good way of life.

3. Looks like your sugar daddy
It's true that two people become more and more alike over time. We really do seem to be attracted to people who look like us, according to a study. I personally know a lot of people who look like their partners, which is weird! In your life, you may know someone who is dating someone who looks like their older brother or sister. I don't know why, but maybe the more time you spend with someone, the more like them you become. Maybe you're just attracted to people who look like you.

So, if you want to know how to get a sugar daddy hooked on you, try matching your expression with his. No, I'm not saying shave your head like your bald boyfriend. Maybe start dressing more like him. Maybe his habits are starting to look like his. Maybe start doing the same thing. See if he notices the similarities, and make sure he does.

4. Put on some music
I found a recent study that showed that playing music while with a partner excited them 40 percent more than their partner's touch or feeling. The study also found that if you want to know how to turn a sugar daddy on, you should wiggle with music. So next time your sugar daddy comes over, make sure you're playing sexy Ella Fitzgerald, or maybe even a little flirty music. It would be helpful if you knew what music would make him feel that way, so you might notice how he reacts to certain songs.

Music is also a relaxing weapon. Think about it. When sugar daddy is under pressure at work, be there for him, put on some soothing music and give him a massage. This will make your sugar daddy think you're being thoughtful, and it will warm up your relationship.

5. Love your body (regardless of shape or size)
Ladies, drop your stereotypes, men don't all like skinny women. I know you might say: I'm a skinny woman. What can I do? I have a word for you :Photoshop. Many people don't look so good in real life, and to make themselves look better, they photo shopped just an inch from their lives.

For women with sexier bodies, I need you to listen to me: men love women of all shapes and sizes. Don't believe me? Check it out on Google and you'll see "men like thin women... The results of the poll, "men love fat women," are in the tens of millions. Obviously I'm not making this up. Also, there are over a million "BBW sites" on Google with beautiful women and big bodies (most of them are porn sites, so I won't link to them, but if you're curious, go to Google).

I just want you to know that some men are interested in all body types: curvy, chubby, overweight, all kinds. So, for those of you who don't fit the stereotype of a fashion model, rest assured that there are guys out there who want to be with you, with your incredibly beautiful body. And for those slim women, you don't have to worry, there will be men like you. So if you want to know how to get a sugar daddy hooked, love your body first. Be confident, even if you've gained a few pounds.

Of course, each person has a different definition of attraction and will react differently. Maybe what worked for the person you were with last time may not work for this person. In short, you need to take different approaches to different people, and it takes trial and error to find what really works for them. But hey, this is going to be fun, isn't it?

Now that you've seen something that arouses sugar daddy's interest, what can you do with it? Or first join some sugar daddy dating sites for me to find sugar daddy? I'd love to hear your game plan for how you'll use one or more of these strategies on your sugar daddy. Please share with us.

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