6 First Date Tips For Sugar Daddy That Will Help You Get A Second Date!

As a sugar daddy entering the sugar dating world for the first time, would you like to know some useful first date tips to help you get a second date? You're in the right place. I'm an experienced sugar daddy dating coach who has helped sugar daddies from the top 20 richest countries successfully arrange first dates and easily get second dates. Although first dates can be difficult for you, if you follow my tips, I can guarantee you a successful date. I've summed up what I think is the best first date advice for sugar daddies. Check it out below!

Tip 1: be clear about your dating intentions
First, you need to be clear about your dating intentions and make sure your date's sugar baby knows that your purpose is to date and not simply meet up. If you think of it as just a meeting, you might inadvertently book yourself a one-way ticket to the friends zone. So ask yourself before a date: "do I think this is a date?" If you can't answer "yes," you're paying for potential failure. When you ask out a sugar baby for the first time, be sure to clarify your intentions: "hey, are you free tomorrow afternoon? Would you like a cup of coffee, a walk, like a date?" This shows that you are interested in dating and asking her advice. Don't be afraid of rejection, and if she's not interested in you, you won't have to waste time and money dating her.

Instead, it rules out sugar babies who aren't interested in you. In fact, no matter who you are, rejection can happen to you, and dealing with rejection is a very important part of the dating process. When you learn to accept rejection, you can benefit from it.

Tip 2: touch politely
Touch is a quick way to warm up a relationship. You can touch your potential sugar baby three times on the first date, but be natural, polite, and don't force it. A natural brush or hug on the arm is the perfect way to deepen a relationship. Make sure you sit next to your date's sugar baby, not across the table. First date is not an interview, so don't take it too seriously. There are activities that allow you to touch naturally, such as:

Hiking. When she can't walk, you can hold her hand and walk forward.

The amusement park. Some exciting projects can let her rely on you.

Table tennis. If you can play pool, ask her if there is a pool table nearby. If she does, and is ready to learn, you can approach her by teaching her.

Go hiking or walking. Touching her elbow to make sure she doesn't fall, or holding her hand to help her up the slope, is a great way to break the touch barrier in a natural and chivalrous way.

Tip 3: don't talk about money
Yes, you are a rich sugar daddy. But money is a sensitive subject that shouldn't be discussed on a first date. Never try to prove your worth with your salary, your nice car, your watch, or anything like that. While most sugar babies seek out a sugar daddy for financial support, she won't ask about your finances on the first date. You don't need money to get her attention.

In addition, there are other sensitive topics to avoid on a first date:

Political beliefs.

Religious beliefs.

Past relationships.

Tip 4: stay positive
No matter what, your sugar baby is younger than you, so she will have a more positive attitude than you. But for you, you should make sure your conversations focus on the positive aspects of you and your life. No one wants to hear how much you hate your current job or your ex-girlfriend's bad habits. This is a tip that should never be ignored on a first date, because it can really affect the outcome and success of your date and whether or not you go on a second date. A man who has a positive and interesting conversation is more likely to attract a woman to see him again, because no woman likes a man who complains all day and is full of negative energy.

If you're feeling a little emotional before your date, there are a few things you can do ahead of time to help you put yourself in a positive frame of mind:

Listen to some lighthearted music.

Have some red wine.

Wear a new outfit that looks good on you.

Tip 5: make the appointment during the day
Dating during the day is safe for sugar baby and allows her to build trust and rapport with you. That's why it's important to choose a day date. Therefore, be sure to meet the sugar baby you're dating during the day because it's safer for women. Meeting during the day will also make her more comfortable with dating and you. Meeting someone in natural light in a relaxing environment is also better than meeting someone in the dim light of a busy bar late at night. By doing this, you can show her that you are interested in her for more than one night, while also making her feel comfortable and safe during the day.

Tip 6: be concise
The first date should not be too long, preferably no longer than an hour. Sixty minutes is enough time for you to test each other and get to know each other. If you're having a good time, that's fine. Make the second date a little longer. Also, keeping your first date to an hour or so will help you retain some mystery -- a little mystery is always fun.

Don't you know how to evacuate after an hour? Say something like, "as you know, I have to leave in about 60 minutes to go to a friend's party." Setting a time limit also relaxes her, because if the date sucks, she doesn't have to invent an excuse to escape because it's only going to last an hour.

Finally, as long as you use these tips, I believe you are one step closer to success. Either way, you should be prepared to enjoy a fun and successful first date. A first date can be as simple and enjoyable as what you do. However, if you want a more effective approach, join SugarDaddyDateSite.com for the most comprehensive first date advice and the best customer service.

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