How To Deal With Jealousy Of Sugar Baby?

Finding a sugar baby on a sugar daddy dating site can be fun, but having a jealous sugar baby can be a nightmare. Most sugar dads complain to me that when their sugar baby hears the buzz of receiving a text message, she looks at his phone suspiciously. When he chatted with a female colleague at an office party, she would throw him a pair of sharp eyes. She calls him too much when she's out with her friends at night. Yes, these sugar daddies are facing the same thing with you. Even if she never caught you cheating, she's still paranoid, and her intense jealousy makes you feel like you're being watched and out of breath.

What's worse is that you don't know how to discuss it with her or even talk about it. How can you talk to her about something as sensitive as her insecurities without making her angry and afraid? Don't worry, here are some tips on how to defuse sugar baby's jealousy without making her defensive.

Don't take her discomfort as an inconvenience
Have you ever said something like, "oh, what's wrong with you? My job drives me crazy enough, and you're going to be jealous of me? What do you want?" Remember, don't say that. She's upset enough. Do you want to add fuel to the fire? If your sugar baby is overly jealous, she may not like it. Chances are she doesn't like prying into other people's privacy, and she's doing it because she's insecure about your relationship. Remember, don't blame her, and don't take her jealousy as a problem for you. Maybe you could say something like, "honey, I don't want to stress you out about our relationship, and I'm worried that you might become less and less happy. So, can we talk it over?" This is a better, more positive way to solve the problem. It also shows her that you really care about her and that you want to help her because she is your baby. This way, she will understand that you come from a place of love and will be more likely to open up to you.

Find out why she's jealous
What makes her so jealous? Do you give her enough security? Remember to avoid accusatory generalities when asking this question. It makes it sound like you're judging her character, but no one wants to be seen as jealous! So, you need to figure out what specific behaviors you're making her jealous. You're still talking to your ex. Does she mind? Does she fidget every time you don't take her out with your friends? Or does she freak out every time you meet someone of the opposite sex? Either way, once you can identify the scope of the problem, you can better explain why she is jealous. When you do this, be sure to calmly mention specific examples. Say something like, "I know you're worried about my friendship with Lisa. I know. I understand your situation. If someone were in your shoes, they'd be jealous. But please give me a chance to explain why this is not a problem. I think of her only as a friend, and you are so much more important than her." If she has a reason to be jealous, be fair to her. This will set the tone for the rest of the conversation and help reveal the solution.

Find ways to reassure her
Say, "honey, I know this can be difficult. Would it help if I could be more talkative when I go out? How can I promise you that I love you, I'm not cheating on you? How do we build trust in this relationship? If you want, I'm willing to work on it "rather than just ignore it. You may think this means you've given in, but it does help a lot. Often sugar babies get jealous because they don't feel loved in the relationship. If she can feel it for sure, she won't doubt you so much! There may be some deeper issues in her jealousy that need to be addressed. So be honest about what you'd like to do to ease her jealousy. There are a few things you can do to ease her insecurities. The next time you meet someone of the opposite sex, bring her along to show that there really is no chemistry between you and your friend, and give her a minute to see if she feels more relaxed over time.

Don't give her an ultimatum, even if you really want to end the relationship
Even if you really want to end the relationship, don't say to her, "if you keep fighting like this, we'll break up!" It just makes her think you have a real problem and you can't wait to leave. She would also say something like, "oh, so you'd rather leave than admit you have a problem?" If her jealousy and paranoia make your relationship truly untenable, it's time to consider your relationship. You may want to break up, and there are countless breakup conversations going on in your head, but don't threaten her to leave, otherwise it will only deepen her misunderstanding of you. It's best to explain everything to her first and wait until she really thinks you're not cheating on her before telling her what you think. Something unexpected may happen.

Finally, if you do nothing, it will only make your sugar baby more scared and jealous than before. Yes, jealousy can be very frustrating, but it's best to stay calm and make a deliberate decision. Now you can see that you don't need to be a real expert until you can fix sugar baby jealousy. Just try to follow the tips above and you'll be fine. The worst thing you can do is break up, but what are you afraid of? With so many sugar daddy arrangement sites waiting for you on Google, you're sure to meet some great sugar babies!

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