How to Find a Controlling Sugar Daddy?

Once you choose to join some sugar daddy dating websites and start a sugar relationship, things get messy. As a sugar daddy, can he control your life? The answer should be no, because a sugar relationship doesn't mean a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, you just get what you need. If your sugar daddy starts to take control of you, you should find a way out. So how do you find out?

He encourages you to rely on him.
This is a big red flag. Just because you rely on him for financial support doesn't mean you rely on him for everything. There are too many strings attached to a sweet relationship, especially when you start accepting your sugar daddy's arrangements, and you become heavily dependent on that sugar daddy.

He needs a lot of time with you.
If you don't see each other much each week, it's normal for him to want to see more of you. After all, you don't spend much time together. But if you see him every week and he still wants to see you all the time, which means he has too much control over you. Most sugar daddies don't have time to see you many times a week. Besides, you have your own life. If he insists on spending more time with you, he is in control of you. He wants you to give him all the valuable time, but you are not his girlfriend, you have no obligation to do so, unless you are willing to!

He wants to know what you are doing all the time.
If he remembers to ask you every day how you were today, how you were feeling, and how you ate, it's just a good gesture to show that he's thinking about you. Thank them! But if he's constantly texting and calling you, asking what you're doing, who you're with, and where you are, all the time that could be a sign of his control.

Because most sugar daddies are too busy to keep an eye on you. If he always wants to know what you're up to and who you're with, politely tell him you don't like it. He has no right to have you tell him this, and if it persists, end the relationship with him. This can lead to more problems, such as tracking, if not stopped properly.

He offered to meet your friend.
If you're his girlfriend and not a sugar baby, it's understandable that he's asking. However, he is the sugar daddy who provides you with benefits, not your boyfriend. Are you sure you want your friend to know about your relationship with him? Are you sure your friends understand your behavior?

If you haven't figured out what to do yet, let him know. But if he doesn't understand you and puts pressure on you all the time, then he's a controlling sugar daddy who wants to do everything his way. Can you really handle that?

He started adding you to social media.
First of all, many sugar babies and sugar dads like to play it safe, which means you don't like to share your personal lives and don't share your social accounts with each other. However, if you really want to share your social life with each other, be aware that not everything can be shared. Or if he starts to unilaterally follow your social media account, it could be that he's trying to monitor what you're doing.

For example, if you regularly post pictures on Instagram and add a lot of content to your story, adding him may not be the best option.

Who you spend time with is up to you. If your sugar daddy shows a strong desire for control, you can choose to leave the sugar relationship and let him know that you can completely give up his financial support.

So these are some of the warning signs that your sugar daddy is showing control when you're dating on a sugar daddy dating website, and if that happens to you, what do you do to get rid of the control daddy?

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