How to Keep a Sugar Daddy Interested In You?

Nothing excites you more than meeting a sugar daddy who is mentally, emotionally, materially, and sexually stimulating -- especially in today's sugar dating environment, where it's so hard to meet a decent and compatible sugar daddy. When you're with him, your stomach flips, your body shakes in anticipation of seeing him again, and your brain is filled with visions of how the relationship will develop. You want this to work so badly that your mind is focused on how to make your sugar daddy as obsessed with you as you are with him.

So, our goal is to help sugar babies explore how to make attraction last long enough for a satisfying sugar relationship to begin. Learning how to build on initial attraction will help counter the spectra tendencies that have become commonplace in our dating age.

Ways to keep him interested in your distance:
When you're separated from your sugar daddy for a long time, you don't have the luxury of traditional dating rituals to help develop your relationship, which is painful because you're not close enough to your body. Here are my two tips for staying productive and focused to keep your relationships alive:

1. Cultivate remote interaction
Even though you may be dozens of miles apart, there are plenty of things you can do remotely, such as playing online games together, entering an online chat room together, and writing letters to your partner. You can even create crafts to commemorate your relationship. Collage photos of memorable moments you Shared with your sugar daddy and place them prominently in your home so you can see them often and feel their proximity.

2. Talk about the positives in your relationship
Don't spend your precious time lamenting the pain and injustice of separation. This can make all your contacts seem negative and make the emotional distance between you even greater. When you're texting or talking on the phone, try not to think about the pain of separation. Give your sugar daddy lots of positive affirmations and share what you appreciate. Stay romantic and realize that you can control the atmosphere of your relationship.

Ways to keep him interested after you've slept with him:
While this isn't necessarily a popular idea, the longer you procrastinate, the better. Not only will this create greater anticipation, accumulation, and sexual tension, but it will also give you a chance to make sure that sugar daddy really likes you (and not just for the sugar fix). But what do you do if you've already done that? Here are some ideas for you.

1. Let embers burn between scenes
An important and often overlooked part of a healthy sex life is avoiding compartmentalizing your sex life into a separate corner of your relationship. Don't wait for intimacy to be sexy. Couples who are sexually satisfied know that the secret to an intoxicating sexual relationship is to be consistently passionate in their relationship, especially when it's not sexual. In this way, you can maintain a certain level of excitement and sexual spark, so that when the intimate moment comes, you're ready and you don't have to start with your excitement.

2. Keep it creative and fun
It's a pretty obvious suggestion, but in a sugar dad-sugar baby relationship, sex is one of those areas where you can have fun and get the best out of all your inhibitions. We all know that mystery and intrigue are major aphrodisiacs and help stimulate sexual desire. The more time two people spend together in bed, the more you'll need to mix things up in the bedroom to stay passionate.

This is usually natural at the beginning of a sugar relationship, but becomes even more important in a long-term dating relationship. Help your sugar daddy stay alert by expanding your libido and sexual skills. Mix things up, share and practice your fantasies, learn new skills and techniques, and suddenly tell him something when he least expects it, he will be attracted to it and ask for more.

A way to keep him interested by texting:
Since texting can be an important part of your communication with your new partner, be careful. When you're excited to make a connection, your writing can be easily misunderstood. Here are some healthy navigation tips for your text correspondence that will keep him focused:

1. Text messaging as a form of confirmation for flirting
One of the benefits of texting when you're not face-to-face is that it can deepen your attraction and fantasy for each other if done correctly. Texting and flirting is a strategy to strengthen your relationship. Photos of flirty text messages can enhance the attraction between you.

When someone says something nice to us that really resonates with our unique self, we feel good about ourselves, and this creates a positive connection between those words and the person who delivers them. The key is to validate the person with action, and texting is a great way to let him know that you really see what makes him special. Doing so in small doses can go a long way toward capturing his heart, but it has to be done in real emotion rather than trying to hook him.

2. Spread personal information over time
What this means is that you want to make sure that you disclose yourself gradually. Don't reveal everything about your life at once. Texting makes it easy to unpack and say things in person that we might be more careful about. Remember, mystery and intrigue are the aphrodisiacs of romance. Slow down the rate at which you reveal, let him gradually become attracted to you, and want and desire to know more about you. This rhythmic mechanism also gives you more time to get to know the sugar daddy, to make sure he deserves to know the most intimate parts of your soul and life narrative.

3. Text him carefully and purposefully
A big dating pitfall is that many sugar babies text their new dates day in and day out when they're excited. While in most cases this may initially produce a peak of mutual attraction, over time it may have the opposite effect, pushing him into a sense of suffocation.

Texting your sugar daddy can be cute at first, but it can quickly become annoying and desperate, so proceed with caution. What might have been considered cute may start to look desperate, overbearing and poor. It's all about connecting and separating and balancing boundaries. When you communicate with your sugar daddy, be relevant and use your words to convey meaning and intent, not to gush with praise. Without excessive praise, these words will be more powerfully received.

Before you can find a potential sugar daddy, you must master these skills to make a sugar daddy even more obsessed with you and have the perfect sugar daddy dating experience.

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