How To Let A Sugar Daddy Know You're Interested?

As a new sugar baby, if you see the dating profile of a great sugar daddy on sugar daddy websites. Or you show up to your coffee date who is more attractive, friendly, intelligent and interesting than you think. How do you let him know you're interested? Congratulations, you've come to the right place! Today I'll show you how to use the nuggets as a new way to let him know you're interested. The nuggets let you talk to sugar daddies and get to know them.

With a nugget, you can show him things about yourself that you want him to know, like your hobbies, feelings, values, and dreams. In turn, you will help him uncover his guilt. In a mature relationship, all the important things take years to learn. You'll soon find out if he's right for you. Yes! When used correctly -- in a smart, kind, elegant way -- every experience with sugar daddy becomes richer.

The nuggets not only let him know you're interested in him, they help you share who you are, not just what you do.
Well, what exactly is a nugget? A nugget is a small piece of information that helps you express yourself in a way that a man can hear. Simply put: women love to tell stories; Men love to hear the headlines! Instead of letting his head explode with details and long stories, you should tell him about yourself and help him understand you. The best part is, in turn, you get to know him!

An example of how to make a connection with a sugar daddy.
Here's a scenario: you're on a first date with a potential sugar daddy, or getting to know each other over the phone. He said, "I see you have a dog."Or" what do you do to relax? You could say, "I walk my dog in the park every night when I get home from work."Or you could say, "my favorite way to relax is to take my two puppies for a walk every night in golden gate park. It puts me in the best mood at the end of the day to exercise and be close to nature."

After a few seconds, he'll know you like outdoor sports and animals. His impression of you is that you actively communicate with nature; That's what most sugar daddies think is sexy. Besides, he knows you value exercise, not being a Korean drama fan. He knows you're a sugar baby who takes care of her needs. He knows you'll be in a good mood when he goes out with you at night.

Wow! Did you find out? You let him know a lot of important things about you without telling him directly. Now...It's the magic of your nuggets: you'll know him now! He can say, oh my god. That sounds like a good way to relax. Can I go with you sometime? Or he could say: HMM.I don't like nature, and I'm allergic to dogs. He won't even answer. Nothing comes of it. That's good information, at least to get him to express his interest in you.

Here are some other good nuggets examples:
For example, I like traveling because it brings meaning to my life and shows me how other people think and live."(instead of" I love to travel. ")

Penguin is my favorite animal, because they are cute, cute, grow fat in vain. I hope one day they can all live in their own habitat.(not just "penguins are my favorite animals.")

I've moved a lot in the last ten years. I don't have a favorite one because each one offers something unique and gives me the chance to learn something new.(don't say "I moved a lot" or list places you've lived.)

I love my job because I like challenges and I like to help my clients. Most of my clients have become lifelong friends.(not the necessary "I love my job.")

If you simply say a word or two without giving him any depth, how can he respond in the same way? Now can you see why so many first dates don't go well? Or why does dating get boring and have no real connection? Maybe when you just say you like traveling, he just says he does. Maybe you say you love your job, so what? You don't share anything meaningful with each other, and you don't distinguish yourself from the other sugar babies he meets. But when you say why you like it, you introduce a whole new level of communication and a chance to get to know each other, deepening the conversation.

Key for nuggets.
So the next time you're talking to or texting a sugar daddy, ask yourself: am I just passing on facts or sharing feelings? Am I helping him understand something that I think is important for him to understand me? Did I let him see me as a woman and a sugar baby? It's simple, but I promise it will instantly improve your dating experience.

Oh, one last big tip to help you make a real connection and let him know you're interested in him.
Notice that some of my examples include BECAUSE? Simply add the word "because," and see how that takes you from a fact to a feeling? By the way, don't worry about letting him know you're interested, or that telling him more about yourself might turn him off. If he's not for you and you know it, move on to the next sugar daddy! Don't waste time with the wrong people, there are a lot of professional sugar daddy sites beckoning you!

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