Signs That Sugar Baby Wants You To Chase Her And Why You Shouldn't!

As a sugar daddy, you've been scouring sugar elite dating sites for arrangements and have finally met your sugar baby. However, at the beginning of your date, here are some signs that the sugar baby you're dating wants you to chase her, from innocuous to overly flirtatious and even manipulative. Whatever her reason, it doesn't mean you have to do it.

In fact, what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't chase after any sugar baby. When you pursue a sugar baby that you're not averse to (or that you haven't dated at all), you'll be completely grateful. You may lose some confidence by chasing, a game that distracts other potential sugar babies, who will tell you frankly that they will never expect you to exhaust yourself by chasing. At the same time, refusing to chase a woman will help you get rid of the "chasing a woman" mentality, or treat dating as a game. This can help you focus on other sugar babies and eventually find a compatible partner.

After all, when a sugar baby suggests you're chasing her, it's best not to pamper her. One of the best strategies is to move on to the next sugar date. This can help you gain confidence and reduce anxiety by diverting your energy and maintaining your schedule. But that doesn't mean that you should be a fickle person, just that you can stop and focus on a sugar baby until it feels right. But first, let's look at the first signs that she wants you to go after her, and the benefits of not going after her.

She showed signs of wanting you to chase her
First of all, if a sugar baby is aggressively trying to get you to chase her, she may be a narcissist or sociopath. Both narcissists and sociopaths like to control others, and being chased is their way of feeling like they're in control all the time. Sociopaths and narcissists alike crave control over others, whether from sadistic gratification or from a constant need to feel needed and validated.

There are some differences between narcissists and sociopaths. Here are some signs that the sugar baby who wants you to chase her is a narcissist:

  • She often feels good about herself.
  • She often praises herself.
  • She likes to make you jealous.
  • She likes to put others down, including friends and colleagues.
  • She dressed ostentatiously and behaved provocatively.

Here are some signs that she might be a sociopath:

  • She often uses pity to make you feel sorry or apologize to her, even if she is the one who offended you.
  • She has trouble with work and personal/professional relationships, and doesn't get along with co-workers.
  • She often lies and cheats.
  • She exhibited impulsive and harmful behaviour.

Again, I'm not saying that all sugar babies who want to be chased are psychopaths -- quite the opposite. Many sugar babies can just be insecure about your feelings, or lack confidence and experience to express themselves without using the game to feel validated. But narcissists and sociopaths do exist, and they're not all killers or mad Disney villains who run evil companies. However, the emotional damage caused by someone like this can be extremely serious, which is why it's best to recognize the red flags early on and avoid continuing a relationship -- or starting one -- with such sugar babies.

Sign 1: she wants you to be jealous
One of the most obvious signs that she wants you to chase her is to try to provoke a reaction by making you jealous. She will make you think other men like her, but you'd better be careful, because many of these gentlemen are not interested in her. She'll just brag about her ex or the guy who has a crush on her (" he's just crazy about me ") or even flirt with another guy in front of you.

Let me clarify... If a sugar baby tries to use other men to make you jealous, or flirts openly with you when she dates you, she can be a narcissist or sociopath (see above). In the best case, a confident sugar baby won't feel the need to use these strategies to get your attention. So watch out for this type of sugar baby.

Sign 2: she'll laugh at you
Proper teasing is a way to bond with each other, and playful flirting is a way to flirt without putting all your CARDS on the table. However, if she's always looking for an excuse to touch you, it could be a sign that she wants you to chase her. If she jokingly hits you on the arm and says something like "oh my god, you're so annoying" while laughing and smiling, it could be a sign of love and hope you can make amends. Happiness is an important part of any relationship. However, when you do this, you will either guess her intentions or confuse you, which is a big sign that she is looking for the thrill of being chased.

Sign 3: she'll get angry if you don't return her texts
I'm not saying that you didn't reply to her even though you promised to. But if she texts you at work, or delays you for hours (totally understandable, right?) She might want you to go after her. Please note that in this case, she will definitely keep in touch with you to maintain the integrity of the contact, even if she wants to be pursued. But you'll be bombarded with text messages and phone calls.

Benefits of not going after her #1: you'll show her you have faith in yourself
When you stop indulging in this sugar baby, your confidence will increase. Because when you're with all kinds of sugar babies, you're no longer content with mediocrity, and you're no longer with a sugar baby that's not good for you. When you show sugar babies that you have confidence in yourself and don't have time to play games, they will give up trying to get you to chase them and are more likely to treat you with honesty and respect -- something everyone deserves.

In addition, having confidence in yourself will help you attract attractive, confident and independent sugar babies who won't let you pursue them. However, one side effect of this is that you will have more sugar babies chasing you because they will all be attracted to you.

Benefits of not going after her #2: sugar baby intuitively thinks you're attracted
Has anyone ever told you, "stop chasing her, she'll come"... When you don't engage in any cat-and-mouse games and enjoy the independent aspects of your life, sugar baby will intuitively feel that you are attracted, and that it must be a reward, because you don't need the attention of a sugar baby to affirm you. Amazingly, this makes you the sugar baby of your dreams. In this case, the sugar baby will be more inclined to chase you instead of trying to get you to chase her.

Stop chasing now
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