Some Reasons Sugar Babies Don't Want To Have A Relationship With You!

As a sugar daddy dating coach, I write a lot about how to meet sugar babies, how to hook up with pretty sugar babies, and how to have a sweet sugar relationship. Sure, that's good enough for some sugar daddies, but what about those who want more? Do relationships happen naturally?

I spoke to a member of the top sugar daddy dating site last week and he told me that although he often gets sugar baby dates from the sugar daddy meet app, he has never managed to date the same sugar baby for more than two or three months. He wondered why the sugar treasure of his life lost interest after a while. To me, it was obvious - he was doing something wrong when he was driving them away. Generally speaking, 2-3 months gives sugar baby enough time to really get to know you and decide whether she wants to invest in you or not. While you think you're doing everything right, the sugar baby you're dating doesn't seem to think so. So what makes sugar babies not want to continue a relationship with you? Don't worry, this article discusses the most common reasons sugar daddies chase sugar babies away. I've divided them into two categories, physical and behavioral, which I'll cover in more detail in this article. You may think some of them are obvious, but pay close attention to what you don't know, because they may be why you failed.

If you want to have a lasting sugar relationship with your sugar baby, here are some things you should avoid:

Bad looks
Clothing problems - these can be stains or wrinkles on clothing, holes in underwear, undershirts and/or socks. Avoid them at all costs, as they will only make you look bad.

Eye droppings -- you can easily avoid this by carefully washing your face in the morning.

Halitosis -- at least at some point in life, more than 85 percent of people suffer from halitosis. You should take every precaution possible -- floss, brush your tongue and rinse your mouth.

Dirty, long nails -- most sugar babies love clean hands, and no sugar baby wants to see a sugar daddy's hands look like they've been gardening all day. When it comes to long nails, there's no excuse to keep them unless you play that classic guitar.

Sweaty pits -- these are disgusting, and some men just can't avoid them. If you're sweating heavily, even if you're using a lot of deodorant, try wearing light-colored clothing (or plain black) because the stains aren't as visible.

You should focus on these issues all the time, not just when you're dating, because they're also important to relationships. In the future, make sure you spend an extra 15 minutes checking your appearance in the morning or before going out in public. The results will be worth it.

Bad habits in the body
Are you aware that you have bad physical habits? Such as:

Not covering your mouth when you sneeze -- do you think people like your spittle? No, it also shows a lack of proper etiquette.

Picking your nose -- I believe this is a very common thing your kindergarten teacher tells you not to do, and it can be gross. However, as soon as you start to feel comfortable with someone (after about 1-2 months), you start to forget about yourself and start picking your nose without even realizing it. There are? If so, stop yourself immediately.

Blowing your nose --some people think it's normal to blow your nose in public if you have a cold or a really bad nose, but most people think it's disgusting. If you have to do it, do it in private. If you have to do it in front of her, be sure to explain your discomfort.

Belching loudly -- belching loudly while eating in a restaurant is not polite, and do not engage in disgusting "activities" in most western cultures.

Eating with no manners -- keeping your mouth shut, holding your knife and fork properly, and not talking with your mouth full are all considered common sense. No sugar baby wants you to chew and talk to her.

Constantly clean your throat or spit -- avoid this by drinking water or not speaking. No matter how much you think you need to do it, try to do it when you're not around her and make an excuse to clean up in the bathroom. After all, a gentleman doesn't spit.

Scratch the wrong part of your body -- do you think women are attracted to men who scratch their testicles or buttocks in public? I don't think so either.

Show nervous clicks -- nervous clicks can range from chopped peppers to frequent blinking. These physical habits aren't easy to control, and if you can't avoid them, it's best to pray she doesn't get caught up in them.

In the first few dates, you probably don't make these mistakes, you hide them. But as time goes on, you will gradually let yourself be exposed to her, which is what makes her want to leave you. In short, when you're with a sugar baby and you feel the need to satisfy these physical desires, simply excuse yourself and do your thing in private. Think about it. If she had done any of these things, would you still be attracted to her? Yeah, so you shouldn't.

Narrow-minded - while most sugar daddies should have their own ideas and opinions, they must also be willing to be flexible and open to new possibilities. You don't have to agree with her, but at least acknowledge her right point.

Watch other girls and make comments - you're dating her because you're interested in her. If you keep staring at another woman, she will think you find her unattractive. So why is she still with a sugar daddy who doesn't like her?

Just say, don't listen -- it's true that she does want to know you, but she also wants you to know her. On the first date, try your best to listen. It may seem hard, but it has to be done. Women love a man who listens to them. Try to listen to her and be genuinely interested in her presence.

Don't introduce her to people you know -- she wants to be a part of your world, not a stealthy existence. With you, she wants to meet some of your friends, so don't hide it from her.

Complain about every aspect of your life -- think, if you hate your life, why should she be a part of it?

Laugh like a hyena -- she may have a good sense of humor, but laughing so hard that everyone in the restaurant is looking at you can only embarrass you both.

While this list may seem exhaustive, you've probably heard some of your female friends complain about it. This list can help women decide whether a man is a good boyfriend or a good date. Sure, you can use this list yourself, you might like her a lot, but if she's doing something here, you'd better stay away from her.

What to do now?
Remember, it's not just the first few dates that you need to put your heart into. Eventually things will settle down and you can be yourself. Hey, if the sugar baby gets a chance to get to know you and like you for who you are, she may even tolerate some of your bad "qualities," but until then, try not to do the above bad things to get rid of her.

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