The Definitive Guide To Stay Safe Online Sugar Daddy Dating – Part 1!

Stay safe with online sugar daddy dating
As an older rich sugar daddy, how can you protect your online safety on sugar daddy dating sites? When it comes to online security, especially sugar daddy dating, we would like to think we know what we're talking about. With years of experience working on professional sugar daddy websites like SugarDaddyDateSite, we've done a lot to ensure that we help our customers avoid online dating scammers and fraudsters. Ask our members on our website,, and they will tell you that this extra focus on security has created an environment unlike the one they find anywhere else.

At the same time, it means that we have some extraordinary insight into the behavior of fraudsters, fakes and fraudsters trying to get money (or worse) from their target victims. Considering that these things apply not only to sugar daddy dating sites, but also to all kinds of online social networks, we thought we'd collect some practical tips that everyone should consider when communicating online with people they don't know, especially on online sugar daddy dating sites.

Cyber crooks are real
First of all, one thing you should know before you start: Internet crooks are real, and the presence of these dangerous creatures is inevitable on any website, and this is not something we simply make up. In fact, not only do one report after another highlight how many people are cheated by scammers online each year, but many of our members often tell us how they were cheated of their money. One of them, John, told us that he had been cheated out of nearly $10,000 by a Canadian con artist on other sugar daddy dating sites. Shortly after joining our website, he contacted me at the customer service center and showed me a 20-page file he had prepared for me. He wanted me to really understand how scammers work. You see, after being stung, he was very sad, so he sorted out this file of cheaters.

In fact, being cheated of money is still a small injury, some people lose more than John in the complex Internet scam. Some of the victims unknowingly commit crimes for no apparent reason and end up in jail. Most surprising of all, scammers have dared to brag about their activities online, showing off photos of stolen cash and sharing tips with scammers on BBS and Facebook groups. Even if only one in 1,000 people believe their deception, it's still worth their time.

As an older rich sugar daddy, you need to be careful
Unfortunately, if you're an older man, or even just over 50, you need to be more careful. Statistics show that not only are older people more likely to be duped, they're more likely to be targeted for online fraud, and when they lose money, they lose more than younger people. Are you disappointed or scared by the sugar daddy date? Don't worry, we are here to help you.

The good news
If all of this makes you want to avoid online dating altogether, you shouldn't. The good news is, it's not hard to stay safe online if you follow some of our simple common-sense guidelines. In many cases, it's enough to remember to behave just as well online as in the real world.

In real life, I'm pretty sure you don't tell strangers your bank information. Well, not in online dating either! You think twice before you take a stranger's car, don't you? You should do the same with online dating. So if you can stay safe in the real world, you'll find it easy to stay safe online if you understand how the "common sense" rules of the real world translate into online dating.

What are the biggest risks
Before you start reading the guidelines we've prepared for you, it's important to note that, broadly speaking, there are two different types of risks you face when it comes to online dating:

One is that you run the risk of being attacked in the face by a predator, such as a sexual predator who takes you out on a date. The second is the risk you face from online predators, including being cheated of your savings, identity theft, etc. While both risks are worth watching, the biggest risk for older sugar daddies today is the second. And the two are far apart: by our estimate, older sugar daddies are less than one in 1,000 likely to be targeted for online fraud if they are sexually abused in real life. It sounds simple, too, for a simple reason:

High returns. Older sugar daddies are mostly rich sugar daddies who have the financial means, literally, to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from a victim. If you're a poor kid living in a country with few job opportunities, that's a powerful incentive to try fraud.

It's easy to imitate others on the Internet. The key to most online dating scams is their ability to imitate others. The scam usually involves a story about traveling abroad, or getting into some kind of trouble, or having a family member need medical care, and asking the victim to wire money. In most cases, this really only works online... It can be difficult in real life. It's extremely difficult for a 19-year-old sugar baby con artist to impersonate a 25-year-old sugar baby in Chicago! But on the Internet, it's easy to do, after all, just look for a fake photo online.

The risk is low. The risk of fraud is relatively low for most people, because the number of people who arrest online fraudsters is very small, because in many countries where they operate, the law offers little protection. Cyber crooks put themselves at very low risk. People who see you in person are at much greater risk of being caught.

Casting nets is easy. Face-to-face crime in real life is not very big, because criminals can only attack one victim at a time. However, cybercrime allows fraudsters to target thousands of victims from the safety of their homes. This is important when it comes to fraud, as scammers may need to try out thousands of potential victims before someone takes the bait.

Older sugar daddies are much less likely to be physically attacked. This is a benefit of being older: sexual violence rarely happens to older victims. In fact, people over 50 are 23 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than people under 30. We're not saying you don't need to be cautious about dating strangers -- you absolutely should -- but if you're over 50, statistically speaking, the biggest risk you face in online dating comes from meeting someone online.

With this in mind, we're focusing on how to ensure your online safety when using the online sugar daddy dating site. Most of the tips below relate to online safety. So without further ado, here are our 15 tips for staying safe on sugar daddy dating sites:

If you want to know our tips for safe online sugar daddy dating, read on for Part 2!

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