The Definitive Guide To Stay Safe Online Sugar Daddy Dating – Part 2!

Stay safe with online sugar daddy dating
Check out our tips for safe online sugar daddy dating:

1. Verify that they match their profile
Verification is the most important step. The faster you can eliminate about 95% of scammers by verifying that someone on the other side of the Internet just looks like their profile is real. Well, the easiest way to do this is to meet in person. Here are some Suggestions:

You don't even have to wait: the Internet now offers many tools to make video calls to someone without requiring you to provide your identity or email address. Our favorite is appearance, which allows you to set up an instant private video chat with someone for free, without any personal information. It's super simple and doesn't require any software installation.

Of course, if you can get them to "show up" to chat with you, and they do look like their profile, that doesn't guarantee they're trustworthy, but it does mean you significantly reduce the risk.

2. Meet in person
Sure, meeting in person has its dangers, but it's really better than video chat. If you do, just remember that first meeting isn't really a "date" for either of you; It's more of a validation process about whether you feel comfortable enough to go on a first date. With this in mind, we suggest starting with a reasonably strict daytime coffee meeting -- so you won't be surprised when you decide it's time to leave. It's always wise to have meetings in a neutral public place near your home, and even better if you can do it in a group setting, because public places at least keep you safe.

Given that 99.9% of the world's con artists live in cities other than your own, it's a good sign that someone will agree to drink coffee with you in the first place. Once you get to know them, you can better understand who they are talking about and whether you are willing to go on a real first date. Wait, there's one more thing we should definitely take care of: don't drink when you first meet. I've never met anyone whose judgment improved after a few drinks. There's something wrong with drinking!

3. Watch for warning signs
No matter how long you've known someone on a sugar daddy date, you should always be alert and alert to the following warning signs:

Ask for your personal identification and bank card information.

Ask for your address to send you a postcard or gift.

Unwilling to meet, they said that they live locally, but when you ask to meet say they are currently abroad on business or vacation.

Ask you to leave the dating site and communicate via a different chat system or email. Because they have numerous targets for fraud on their websites, they worry about being reported accidentally.

Ask for money or a donation.

Solicitation or spam of any kind.

Unlucky stories (e.g., sudden and unexpected medical expenses for a child).

Likewise, stories that are too good to be true, like a huge business opportunity -- if they have the money.

Early and passionate declarations of love - let's be realistic. If you meet someone in the real world and start saying they love you after a few conversations, you'd doubt it, wouldn't you?

Anything that makes you feel out of place -- like getting basic information about your area wrong, as if they learned it from the Internet, poor spelling and grammar that don't match their self-proclaimed identity, using an international phone number, etc.

Don't give away your personal information, or even your email address.

On the second point, remember not to give out your personal information or even your email address! This sounds simple, but it's easy to make mistakes. Do you know how many identity theft cases start with email addresses? If you don't use a strong password, thieves will often use the password recovery process provided by most email systems to break into your email once they know some basic information about you. Once they have your email address, the next step is to use it to log in to more important information, such as your bank account. The same is true for address information, social security number, postal address, etc. Don't give out your personal information to people you know online until you're sure they're completely nice people.

4. Get to know them (embrace your inner stalker)
You need to keep reminding yourself that you just met him online, that you don't know anything about him, except what he said on his profile. But fortunately, there are many things you can do to get more information about them, including:

Google them! Google is a good thing, you can type in whatever information you want to know, and it will tell you the answer. You can often find them based on a location, a name, and some basic information they provide in their profile. If you can't find any information about what they mentioned in their profile, you need to be careful!

Find them on Facebook, but don't immediately add them as friends. Instead, gather as much information as you can to convince yourself that they are exactly who they say they are in their online profile. Do you have any mutual friends? If so, ask your friends. How many friends do they have on Facebook? How true are their posts? Are their positions consistent with who they say they are and where they live? Do they post often? Or is it just a zombie? When was his name established?

5. Find them on Instagram and do the same as on Facebook
Do it the old-fashioned way: ask them for information that you can use to verify that what their profile says is true. For example, if they say they work at your local library, call the library and ask to talk to them... It's that simple!

Reverse search for their avatar. If you're using Google as your browser, it's ridiculously easy to do: just right-click on the image and select "search Google images." If not, open in your browser, click the photo icon, and paste it into the image you are searching for. Many scammers use images stolen from public records and will appear on multiple websites under different names. If so, stay away!

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