The Pros And Cons Of Dating A High-maintenance Sugar Baby - Part 1!

As a sugar daddy, are you thinking about dating a high-maintenance sugar baby? What is high maintenance? In fact, it is synonymous with poverty, egotism and peppier. It's not usually a label one likes to show off. Your friends will tell you to avoid high-maintenance sugar babies. To be honest, you rarely hear someone say anything nice about a high-maintenance sugar baby. I know this may irritate some people, but it's time to go the other way. In fact, there are benefits to dating a high-maintenance sugar baby.

For a long time, the archetype of a high-maintenance woman was Paris Hilton. She is obsessed with high fashion, a little boring, with expensive brands. But to be fair, even Paris Hilton must have something to recommend her. The media turned her into a caricature. When we label someone as "high maintenance," they immediately associate all the negative qualities of Paris Hilton. So, let's take this as an exercise, discard our prejudices, and reevaluate the pros and cons of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby.

Benefits of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: she may push you to success
Sugar babies crave money, not to mention high-maintenance sugar babies. They long for a three-story house with a swimming pool and fancy clothes. Food is not an occasional activity, at least every other week. These sugar babies are not necessarily obnoxious or entitled, but they want the best. They are not content with not getting what they want. If you slack off at work, socially or emotionally, they will abandon you.

Whether you like it or not with this sugar baby, you have to get better. She won't allow you to be complacent. Eat right, work an extra hour in the office, learn a different language. While self-improvement is a good thing, pay attention to how she treats you. If she's motivating you in an unhealthy way, reevaluate your relationship.

Benefits of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: she will look better than her age
As a high-maintenance sugar baby, does she eat health products every night before going to bed? Use anti-wrinkle cream? Does she rarely eat sweets, always wear sunscreen, and exercise even when it's raining? Thank her for taking the time to dress up. The investment will keep her looking good for the rest of her life. If you're a awake guy who doesn't value superficial beauty, that's fine. But you can still enjoy a beautiful face. Isn't that beautiful?

Benefits of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: your confidence will expand
Being with a sugar baby who knows what you want is wonderful and confident, and it will push you in a positive direction. You should be proud to be with such a woman. You know she could date a lot of sugar daddies, but she chose to be with you. How could such a woman's trophy not fill you with confidence? Whether it's high maintenance or not, being with a great sugar baby makes you feel more confident.

Benefits of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: she may be healthy
The high-maintenance sugar baby stereotype is very health focused. This means eating right, exercising and staying mentally healthy. Who wouldn't want to date a powerful and beautiful sugar baby? It's not just that she's enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The closer you get, the more her habits will rub off on you. Morning runs and Quinton salad will replace lie-ins and deep-fried appetizers. Dating a high-maintenance sugar baby could mean better health and a longer life.

Benefits of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: daily physical stimulation
Have you noticed that when high-maintenance sugar babies travel, they tend to dress up a little more than usual? When people want to show off how wonderful their holiday is, they will dress up a little more. Imagine if your sugar baby dressed like this every day. Compare this new woman to your ex-girlfriend. Ex always wears sweatpants and rarely does her hair. How much do you think you'll be attracted to your new woman just because she's put more effort into her appearance? Obviously, high-maintenance sugar babies are sexier. They often exude confidence and pride in their appearance. If that doesn't convince you to get more exercise in bed, I don't know what will. Afternoon sex is back!

Benefits of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: she'll make you look good
Let's count how she makes you look like a boss:

Your social media will come alive. Of course, I'm not saying that getting more likes is a legitimate reason to date. That said, being a minor influencer may just be a byproduct of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby.

You don't really think a high-maintenance sugar baby would date a clumsy sugar daddy, do you? Her fashion will affect you in some way. Either she'll refresh you or you'll feel awkward dating a fashionista and you'll look like a frat brother.

There was a time when you walked into a room and no one noticed you. Now you have a beautiful sugar baby to wear on your arm. You and she will attract a lot of attention. Are you ready for the new attention?

The halo effect is real. If your colleagues and associates find you with a well-spoken and well-dressed woman, your stock will go up. They'll think you're smarter, prettier, richer, etc., just because you're connected to this high-maintenance sugar baby.

These are all the benefits of trying to arrange a date with a high-maintenance sugar baby. We will discuss the disadvantages of trying to arrange a date with a high-maintenance sugar baby. Click on Part 2 to find out!

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