The Pros And Cons Of Dating A High-maintenance Sugar Baby - Part 2!

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Cons of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: she may replace you
I think this is a common fear when dating a sugar baby, but especially when dating a high-maintenance sugar baby. Well, the high-maintenance sugar baby is always looking for the next best thing. This is reflected in their entire way of life. She is reluctant to settle down when it comes to her professional, social or romantic life. If she starts dating a sugar daddy who's better for her than you are, she won't hesitate to pull the trigger and kill you.

Maybe this is a bit harsh, but this is the typical high-maintenance sugar baby's imagined behavior. Knowing that she's always trying to get better may be the motivation you need to keep trying to get better. If constantly trying to win her support becomes annoying, get out of the fight. Just because you need to fight for her doesn't make her your guardian. Look, you're equal in this sugar relationship. You don't have to work hard to please her all the time.

Cons of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: you'll have to wait longer for her to be ready
Imagine dating in college. College students don't have much money or enough willpower to dress up. However, dating in college is always simple and beautiful, because date night is always about campus events, and if any of you decide to dress up on Wednesday night, it will look weird. But now things are different, and this high-maintenance sugar baby won't be wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with your school logo like your old girlfriend. She needs time and steady hands to prepare.

You might think it was a favor because she prided herself on her beauty. Any man would be proud to have a well-dressed lady on his arm as you two strut around town. Her preparation time can also be regarded as the time I need. During this time, you can read the news, continue your lessons on Duolingo, or watch the latest Netflix show. But that's looking at life through rose-colored glasses, isn't it? Can you live with that? To avoid getting annoyed by her lengthy prep work, get used to her routine. If it takes her two hours to get ready, admit it and take the time to go to her house and wait.

Cons of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: she might expect better things in life
No more driving around town in your battered car, no more plain ice cream, no more hotel reservations. This high-maintenance sugar baby may have been vacationing at a fancy resort since childhood. Now that she has her own money and a sugar daddy - you, she's not trying to slow down. Be prepared to run at least 10, 000 meters in the loop, travel to other countries at least once a year, and eat out many times a week.

If you share a passion for beautiful things, this may be a match made in heaven. But not everyone likes to spend money on expensive vacations and good food. If you can't keep up with her lifestyle and expensive tastes, maybe a compromise can be found. If no compromise can be reached, it's best to nip the relationship in the bud while it's still young.

Cons of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: does she make the waiter feel bad?
Is she a self-centered sugar baby? Does she make the waiter feel bad? Maybe she often wears designer clothes, says she speaks French even though you've never heard her, and orders lobster whenever she gets the chance. Am I describing a person who might think he is slightly better than others? Pumping out sugar babies like her with large doses of marijuana. Rude people are easy to recognize. A first date should cost no more than $10-15 and last no more than an hour. By digging up all sorts of social channels and dating sites, you can find plenty of sugar baby dates.

Cons of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby: if she gets used to sugar daddy's credit card, you'll have less disposable income
One of the downsides of dating a high-maintenance sugar baby is that she may suddenly dislike the more glamorous things in life. The coddling of many previous sugar daddies has shaped her into the high-heeled siren you're dating now. It may be difficult to free her from a luxurious lifestyle. Would you take her sugar daddy's place? Do you have enough money to satisfy her taste? Want to eat out more, buy her presents, and even support her with makeup when she wants it. This is not to say that you will be financially dependent. But even if she can support herself financially, you'll still spend more on extracurricular activities like her favorite foods and parties.

Yes, that's all I can offer you about dating a high-maintenance sugar baby. Finally, you need to remember not to be mean to a person just because she is high-maintenance. There are many beautiful women who have a heart of gold. Do you need any help? That's where I come in. I'm not a matchmaker. Instead, I'll give you the tools you need to find your own arrangements. Join some arrangement dating sites now for sugar daddy. Start your sugar baby dating journey, even with high-maintenance sugar babies.

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