Ways Sugar Daddy Always Scares Sugar Baby Away!

Oddly, in some cases, sugar daddies are less likely to be scared of sugar babies (or not at all). In fact, there are times when sugar daddy and sugar baby interact in a way that makes him feel weird without him even realizing it. Sometimes, they just do it when they are going about their daily business. And other times, they're acting in a certain way, and they think it's a way, but in fact, it's creepy. If you have to ask yourself if you've ever accidentally scared off a sugar baby you're dating, chances are you have. It's not a crime -- at least, many creepy acts aren't -- but that doesn't mean you should act weird and possibly scary.

So, in order not to be seen as a pain in the neck, and in order not to stress the sugar babies you meet because you're labeled a serial killer, here are some things sugar babies hate that you should know -- including quoting their experiences from real sugar babies.

Abuse your authority
One sugar baby from best sugar daddy dating website said, "a good friend of mine was hit by a truck while he was riding his bike. I took her to the local police station, where we started filing an accident report. The officers were polite at first, helping us with our paperwork, then asking us what plans we had for the weekend, what bars we liked, and so on. When we were ready to submit the final documents, a police officer asked to have my id card copied and attached to the documents. I said I wasn't there when the accident happened and didn't know why they needed my id. Reluctantly, I gave my id card to the police officer, who photocopied it. Two to three weeks later, I got a friend request and the policeman who asked for my id asked me out." This is frightening!

While "creepy" isn't easy to define, it's something women know when they feel it. Many times this is the presence of subtle (or serious) threats that occur under the guise of normal business. For example, if a police officer pretends to do his job, there's no way you can say no to a request that's within his authority, when in fact he's just trying to ask you out.

If you're a sugar daddy whose job means power, there may be some internal guidelines or company rules against abusing power to advance your sex or love life. Don't abuse your power to attract your favorite sugar baby. In order to win the heart of a sugar baby, you are likely to try to take advantage of some favorable conditions, but this is not only shady, it may scare her. Because of that position of power, she may be reluctant to speak up because of your inappropriateness, so you may never realize how creepy your performance is.

Too forward
If you grew up learning about masculinity from traditional sources like north American pop culture, chances are you learned that men have to move on in order to win women's hearts. If you sit still, she'll never come to you. But in a two-way dating environment, not only is this no longer true, it can scare sugar babies away. These days, sugar babies are increasingly wary of sugar daddies who suddenly flirt in completely unfamiliar situations.

While naive girls may be duped by a very obsequious and responsible talker, more experienced sugar babies find this suspicious or creepy. Being creepy, disgusting or overly sexy will only get you shut out. If you really care about her as a person and are not just attracted to her physical appearance, you will realize that how she feels about you is just as important as how you feel about her. It's important that your approach is based on her comfort, not your excitement.

Don't take no for an answer
Villains in horror movies are often described as "ruthless," and for good reason. Someone (or something) has been chasing you and won't give up, well, it's kind of scary. A sugar daddy who doesn't accept "no" may think he's just being persistent or romantic, but a lot of times, the sugar baby who refuses feels scared, or really scared. A sugar daddy who doesn't care what sugar babies think and feel is definitely creepy.

So when you don't read subtle signs that sugar baby isn't interested in you or your conversation, whether she's giving you short, short, closed body language, or something else. If a sugar baby wants to talk to you, she will join in the conversation. In short, you won't always be the one to start a conversation, and if you are, it's time to quit. If you think a sugar baby is overreacting by labeling a talkative sugar daddy "creepy," consider how bad things can get when the sugar daddy doesn't accept the answer "no." If she has been raped, abused, attacked or harassed in the past, she is more likely to be on high alert for men who cross the line without thinking.

Tracking (online or in real life)
Internet technology now gives sugar daddies the means to track down sugar babies. Anyone with an Internet connection and typing ability can learn a lot about you with some practical effort, but that doesn't mean they should. Internet stalking is so common these days that it's alarming to most sugar babies. Look, it's not romantic, it doesn't help your chances, and if you find yourself doing this, take a step back and give yourself a moment to connect to your Internet connection. Never let her know everything you find out, or you'll be considered a stalker.

Even creepier than online stalking is IRL stalking. While most sugar babies are uncomfortable finding out you've been spying on them, jumping from checking their social media to trying to find out where they work or live can be scary. You may think you're just doing it for opportunities, but most sugar babies resist this behavior. Think about it this way: you don't want random people showing up at your office trying to talk to you because they want to take you out on a date. And sugar babies don't like it.

Finally, I want to tell you that while many of these behaviors may seem normal, harmless or even romantic, sugar babies can actually be intimidated by these behaviors. So for your own and baby sugar's sake, hopefully this article will help you rule out these behaviors in order to have the perfect sugar date with a potential sugar baby !

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