What Do You Do When a Sugar Daddy Wants To Be Your Boyfriend?

Are you going through a sugar daddy dating on a sugar daddy meet? And now you find yourself living with a sugar daddy who is attracted to you and wants to be your boyfriend? Then you are lucky! You obviously have a great date, because now your sugar daddy wants to be more than just your sugar daddy.

Here's Korea's experience with sugar daddy:

I met my sugar daddy on www.sugardaddydatesite.com, and my sugar daddy is a single man who has never been married. He is so busy with his work that it is difficult for him to date because he has to go on business every three days.

Then, I would go to see him whenever I had time, and he would come to see me when he had time, occasionally taking me out to play. It went on for months, we had a good time together, and I could see that he was beginning to like me; until one day, he texted me and said, "How do you feel about me? I want to be your forever boyfriend.

I didn't know what to say because I never thought my sugar daddy would be my boyfriend. So I told him I wasn't sure yet and asked him to give me some time to think about it. Then we keep in touch and care about me every day. Gradually, I like him more and more. So we decided to start.

Although Korea's story ends that way, we know that not all sugar babies want to have a permanent relationship with sugar daddy. So when you start on sugar daddy dating sites, you should think twice about what you want. If you just want a mutually beneficial relationship, be open and include your needs in your resume. Wait for the right sugar daddy to show up.

Also, it's important to analyze your sugar daddy's personal situation when he says he wants to be your boyfriend. Has he ever been married? Does he have any children? How is his financial situation? You have to realize that it's possible that he's showing you the good, and the best. He may also have a lot of things you don't know about him, so it's important to know.

Of course, after analyzing sugar daddy, you should also analyze yourself rationally. I'm not saying he shouldn't like you, I'm just saying you should find out what he likes about you. If you ask him this question and he says, "You’re always full of energy and presence," then you should make him realize that you're not always that way. In case people find out later that you are not like that, instead, they think you cheated on him. If you don't want to fall in love with him and he gives you a legitimate reason to be interested in you, you need to respond carefully, but you also need to be honest. Tell him why you don't want to be in a relationship. If he doesn't understand you and is mean to you, maybe it's time to find a new sugar daddy.

As a sugar baby, you don't have to waste time with people who make you feel wronged. Maybe some sugar daddies will try to use their money as a reason why you should be with them, as if you owe them something. Always remember, you don't owe anyone anything! If you don't want to fall in love with your sugar daddy, you need to know that from the start. Honesty is always the key when dealing with such situations. If you don't like it, speak up and go find your other sugar daddy!

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