What to Talk About With a Sugar Daddy: 8 Things That Interest Him?

Maybe you've just joined some sugar daddy sites, but you don't know what to talk about with a sugar daddy. Now that you're dating a generous sugar daddy, you're like a deer in a headlight on your first date. You are in a hurry and don't know what to say. Don’t worry, sugar babies, that's why I'm here. Now, I'm going to help you figure out what to talk about with a sugar daddy when dating a sugar daddy online!

Notice what you're talking about with sugar daddies via text messages
Before I tell you what to say to a sugar daddy in person, I want to point out that texting is not the same as talking on the phone, or even in person. Let's take a look at how to talk to your potential sugar daddy via text message.

Ask questions and ask him to do some
You shouldn't ask him questions in a text message. Because soon you'll feel like the head of the Spanish inquisition! So, don't ask him all kinds of questions like checking his hokku, and back off before you scare him. If he doesn't feel comfortable asking you a question, you can say, whew! I asked a lot of questions. It's your turn!"

Keep it short and interesting
Texting isn't your work email, it needs to be formal and serious. Instead, it should be concise and fun. Yes, we've all felt guilty about having an actual conversation via text message, but dude, aren't your fingers tired? If you're starting a conversation that needs more conversation, make a phone call.

Here's what to say to a sugar daddy you want to ask you out
I'll give you a few different Suggestions for different situations to figure out what to say to a sugar daddy on what occasion. Of course, everyone is unique, the most important thing is that you should know him. The better you know a man, the easier it is to know what to say to him. Let's start at the beginning. If you're interested in a sugar daddy, whether you've seen him on some sugar daddy dating site or have known him in your circle of friends for a while, check him out.

Ask him if he has plans for the weekend
If the day after tomorrow is the weekend, ask if he has a plan and then see if you have one. If neither of you has, why not invite him to make some plans together? If he is interested, he will specifically mention that he has some free time. Maybe he told you he was going to a small meeting on Friday, but on Saturday he would hang around the house. There is no point in his mentioning it unless he wants you to know he is free. Tell him you don't have any plans either and see if you can work on them together.

Ask about his interests
If you're planning a first date with your potential sugar daddy, what should you talk about on the first date? I tell you, talking about your (and his) interests is a great way to break the ice. It can also help you predict whether you'll get along. Because I've seen a study on marriage that shows that 64 percent of married couples say that having common interests is the key to a successful marriage. Whether or not you have common interests, ask him what makes him happy, and what he does in his spare time is a great way to start a conversation and break the ice.

Tell him about a cool event you want to attend
If you've met someone you're interested in on a number of sugar daddy dating sites, you've had a few conversations online. Now, you want to see if he's interested in being alone with you outside of his circle of friends. If you know he really likes whisky (and so do you), attend a cool whisky tasting next weekend and see what he says. If he says, "that sounds cool! Then put on your confident hat and invite him to go with you. Before he invites his friends, make it clear that it's just the two of you! If he wants to go, that's great!

Ask him about his wine
Apparently, this is for when you meet sugar daddy at the bar. Men are surprised when a woman walks up to them and starts talking, so just know that you won't fail, no matter what your opening line is! If you're in a bar and he's drinking something, you can ask him what it is or how it tastes. Pretend you're thinking of ordering your own and asking for his opinion. If you're bold (and you should be), go for it. If he's willing to let you drink from his glass, he'll never let you leave!

Talk about music or movies
Talk to your sugar daddy about some popular music or movie. What kind of movies or music does he like? Although you don't have to choose your partner exactly according to your type, you may be disappointed by his enthusiasm for heavy metal music. However, it is better to know now than later! If you're lucky, this conversation could lead you to a movie or concert if your interests coincide!

Share stories from your childhood
Another tip: if you don't mind sharing your childhood stories with your sugar daddy, do so. This is a good way to break the silence. Maybe you're in a restaurant and you have a drink on the menu that has fresh pressed apple juice on it. It reminds you of your childhood mistake of white vinegar for apple juice. Share your story and laugh. He may also respond with his own childhood stories. This way, you'll be talking a lot to each other without even realizing it.

No matter what stage you're at with a sugar daddy -- from the first meeting to the first date, even months down the road -- it takes effort to know what to talk about with a sugar daddy. Above all, be sincere. Don't try to impress him by talking about fake things, especially things you don't know. Talking about what you know and are interested in is a better strategy for getting his attention! Be yourself.

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